The Internet provides opportunities AND pitfalls.

The Internet has changed the way we do almost everything and earning is no different BUT the size and number of potential pitfalls FAR outweighs the opportunities !

People make huge sums by running or being a part of an "Internet Opportunity", remember  your common sense is the best tool you have and "if it looks too good to be true it probably is" was never a more accurate saying. No matter what some "millionaire" leaning on his flash car might tell you.............. NO ONE can earn without working but you can certainly loose by doing nothing, other than providing your money to support people in the scheme before you.


I have been caught a couple of times while working out what works and how to see through to what is real and I now have a small portfolio of good, solid, reliable businesses that work.  There are no rules or guidelines I can give to someone looking for the next big thing or easy way to make quick money. Everyone has different risk aversion levels and different acceptance of what is good or bad. I know what works for me and am happy to share, more than happy because, like most income streams other than a regular JOB, there is a commission involved and I will get a "finders fee" when you join, just as your ISP, Amazon, a lot of the software you use, even Banks, getting a payment for introducing "a friend" is now common business practise. I earn from work I do, you earn from work you do.
I will never suggest that you join in anything that I am not presently using.